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Feline Hypertension is often an invisible condition with no clinical signs for owners to spot until it’s too late. Help educate owners with our digital and printed owner resources.

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Ceva has developed and tested content to educate pet owners about the importance of blood pressure checks in older cats.

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Here’s our top tips for social posts on high blood pressure in cats:

  • Use owner friendly terms like blood pressure and kidney disease and focus on the key messages
  • Why does it matter? High blood pressure can cause damage to vital organs like the eyes, kidneys and heart of older cats
  • Is your cat at risk? Target the most at risk cats, such as, cats with kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and cats 9 years and over
  • How do I know if my cat is affected? There are no clinical signs until late in the disease so we recommend regular checks in cats 9 years and over

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Ceva has developed an owner toolkit to help:

Educate owners on the importance of regular blood pressure checks in older cats

Take the stress out of travelling to the clinic for a check

Keep a record of their cat’s blood pressure readings

To request any printed materials please email us and we’ll connect you to our Ceva territory manager to place your order